SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Definition: The term SEO comes from English 'Search Engine Optimisation' and it means the optimization of the pages for the browsers. Abroad it became a real profession as for there are many companies that offer this type of services.

Why SEO?: The traffic of a website is generated by the search engines (about 80%), by the web directories (like our website) or by the visitors that enters directly. The most used search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN (more than 80% of the traffic). Therefore it is very important that the optimization should aim in tirm of optimization especially thess search engines.

Which is the basic concept?: One company pays a certain sum of money so that it's website should appear among the first results on search engines when searching a certain term or more than one. In this way the company will have benefits from the huge traffic that the search engines have. More than that the company's website will have visitors who are searching exactly for what the company offers, and it's not like in the case of banners when curious visitors or people who are not interested in theirs offers are visiting their site. It can be said that it is an investition which will be amortized in time.

Advantages/disadvantages: Even yourself can optimize your website for the search engines and then the investment will consist only in the time spent in front of the computer. So one of the advantages is that it is possible for everyone to make SEO and this with little material investments. Obviously, if the work is done by a professionist the results are much better.
Unfortunately there are also disadvantages. There is no guarantee that your site will reach the top positions within a particular fild for some given keywords and even if it will reach it there are no guarantees that it will stay there. For example, on Google there are fluctuations, sometimes your site could be drawn outside the index and the next day it could be the first when doing the same search. This is so called 'Google dance'. The ones from Google say that the indexation of the sites is done free of charge and therefor there are no guarantees.

SEO=SPAM?: Do you wonder if a SEO webpage is a spam webpage? The answer is: NO.
Spam refers to: writing of a text using the same background color or outside the screen, cloaking (to display an optimized site version for the search engines and an other site version for the visitors ) etc. Search engines want to display to their users the most relevant pages when doing a certain search. That is why they will not tolerate spam. If you will be caught trying to trick them, you risk the exclusion of your page from the index for good which i do not think would make you happy.

Conclusion: Still one should not abuse of the SEO. The first thing you should think about is the user and not the search engines. Try to think it for the user's well being and only afterwards think about the optimization.
If the users are your main concern and you will offer them a quality content be sure that your site will earn a reputation among the others and the number of visitors that enter directly the site will grow.

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